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  • Includes Spiders Cockroaches and Bonus Rodent Treatment.
  • Any size house, unit or apartment up to 6 bedrooms including 2 storeys and garage.
  • Includes inside and outside treatment (except units).
  • Extra rooms only $10.00 each. Price includes GST.


Pest Control Northern Beaches


Drymaster is your professional pest controller providing effective and efficient pest controlling and removal services throughout Australia. We excel in eliminating all sorts of pests from your home or commercial property in the most effective environment-friendly manner. We offer a vast array of services, including termite inspection, termite control, bird control, ants control, spider control, and much more.

Our Inspections Services

An initial inspection of the infected area, will help us provide you with the ideal pest control method, all customised to suit your situation. Our services are so effective that upon elimination, there is no chance the pests will return. We will provide with priceless advice on how to control them in future to eliminate a build up. While we are situated and work mainly on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, our services are available across all major cities in Australia.


Our dependable and professional services are backed by innovative techniques to ensure that our commercial service is performed to perfection.


Pests inside your home can be annoying and harmful to your health. We specialise in eliminating pests without damaging your home.


If pests are enjoying an outdoor area more than you, give us a call and let us help you reclaim your outdoor area.


We undertake thorough pest inspections before providing you with a tailored plan to rid your home from pests and protect you in future.

Pest and Termite Inspections Northern Beaches, Sydney

Everyone can depend on our trusted services and our ability to match the services with their requirements. We have an array of different services suitable for different types of houses and buildings. For more in-depth information about them, feel free to go through the price list before opting for our services.

If you are happy to use our services, please contact us through the phone number provided above. We will organise an appointment with you to deliver the service that you have requested. Drymaster works all over Australia, including:

  • Sydney, including the Northern Beaches, Newcastle, Central Coast and Wollongong

  • Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast and Canberra